About Marblehead

Marblehead has played an important historic and recreational role in the
growth of Ohio and continues to be a hub of commerce and culture today.


Long known for sitting at the heart of Northern Ohio’s maritime culture, Marblehead, Ohio is one of the Midwest’s premier locations for boating, fishing, water skiing and many other water based activities that occupy vacationers during the summer months. The Northern Shores of Ohio play host to one of the most beautiful lakefront communities in Ohio, with premium lakefront homes and incredible shoreline views. Marblehead has played an important historic and recreational role in the growth of Ohio and the surrounding Great Lakes communities, and continues to be a hub of commerce and culture today.

Marblehead Ohio was incorporated in 1891 and epitomizes the look and spirit of a Midwest lakeside waterfront community. The shores of Marblehead are caressed by the cool waters of Lake Erie and Sandusky Bay. From lake side, you can see the Lake Erie islands where Commodore Perry won the battle for Lake Erie. Directly opposite, on the shores of Sandusky Bay, you can look out on Cedar Point. “America’s Rockin’ Roller Coast” and one of the country’s best theme parks and family attractions.

Marblehead Ohio also boasts one of Lake Erie’s most photographed landmarks in the historic Marblehead Lighthouse. The shoreline of Marblehead consists of solid limestone, and you can still watch freighters loading their limestone cargo from the downtown dock. This quaint community attracts tourists throughout the spring and summer months, interested in history, nature conservation, live music and just plain fun. The town of Marblehead itself is an eclectic mix of summer cottages, permanent homes and lakefront condominiums, with just the right blend of free spirited vacationers and passionate locals to keep the fun going all year long. With its unique location on Marblehead Peninsula, Marblehead has one of the busiest Coast Guard stations on the Great Lakes.

The miles of beautiful Lake Erie shoreline, and proximity to some of Ohio’s most popular travel destinations, has earned Marblehead, Ohio its nickname of “Vacationland”. Whether you are looking for a day trip to a world class vacation destination, or a lakeside getaway for the summer, come discover all that Marblehead has to offer as your next lakeside home away from:

  • Marblehead to Catawba Island Yacht Club: 6.2 miles
  • Marblehead to Mon Ami Restaurant and Winery: 7.5 miles
  • Marblehead to Jet Express: 11 miles
  • Marblehead to Port Clinton: 11 miles
  • Marblehead to Sandusky: 18 miles
  • Marblehead to Cedar Point: 21.5 miles


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